What does a menopause headache feel like? - Balanced Hormones Center

Menopause headaches can feel like throbbing or pulsing pain on both sides of the head. The exact causes are complex, but shifting hormone levels before, during, and after menopause play a major role for many women. Some key points about menopause headaches:

Symptoms Causes and Triggers Falling estrogen levels - As estrogen declines in perimenopause and after final periods, this fluctuation and withdrawal can trigger headaches for some women. Low estrogen affects serotonin and may cause blood vessels to constrict. Other triggers include: Treatment Options If you're experiencing frequent headaches around menopause, see your doctor. They can help determine if hormonal factors are at play, rule out other conditions, and build an effective treatment plan. Options may include: Make sure to track details about your headaches like frequency, length, symptoms, and potential triggers. This will help your doctor best assess the cause and find the right solutions. Relief is possible! Balanced Hormones Center offers customized menopause treatment plans including: We're here to listen, understand your unique situation, and help you thrive during this transition and beyond! Call us at or book an appointment online now.

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