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Lean muscle mass refers to the weight of your muscle without fat. Having more lean muscle is beneficial as it boosts metabolism, supports bone health, improves athletic performance, and contributes to an attractive physique. Some key benefits of building lean muscle include:

How Can You Build Lean Muscle? The foundation is progressive strength training using challenging weights and low reps, along with sufficient protein intake. Shoot for at least 0.5g of protein per pound of body weight daily when trying to stimulate muscle growth. Additionally, ensure you're eating enough total calories to operate in a slight surplus. Losing fat while simultaneously gaining muscle, or "body recomposition," is very difficult without the right nutrition fundamentals in place first. Hormone Optimization for Muscle Building Getting bloodwork to assess critical hormone levels, including testosterone and growth hormone, allows you to identify any deficiencies standing in the way between you and your fitness goals. The experts at Balanced Hormones Center specialize in customized hormone therapy regimens to bring your hormones into ideal ranges for peak performance and accelerated results. Their proven programs paired with your dedication to proper training and nutrition practices will help pack on lean mass faster than you thought possible! I hope this overview gives you a good understanding of what lean muscle is and how to start sculpting an impressive, muscular physique. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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