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What is irritability?

Irritability is defined as an emotional state characterized by being easily annoyed, impatient, and prone to anger by insignificant provocations. Some key things to know about irritability:

If you or a loved one struggles with frequent irritability, reaching out to a mental health professional or physician can help identify any underlying causes. Lifestyle changes like getting enough sleep, adding structure/routine, avoiding mood-altering substances, utilizing stress management tools like yoga, meditation, or therapy can also help stabilize irritable moods. Practicing emotional intelligence by improving distress tolerance, calming strategies, communication tactics, and coping ahead for frustrations can reduce irritability flare-ups.

At Balanced Hormones Center Therapy Clinic, we help patients struggling with emotional dysregulation, irritability, and anger issues through customized hormone balancing plans overseen by licensed medical providers. Hormone imbalances contributing to irritability often involve cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, or growth hormones. We thoroughly assess patients’ hormone levels and symptoms of irritability. Then we develop integrated treatment plans utilizing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, supplements, diet, and other modalities tailored to the person’s irritability triggers and clinical needs. Balancing key hormones while also building emotional regulation skills significantly lessens irritable mood flare-ups for most people.

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