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What is decreased muscle mass?

Muscle mass naturally decreases as we age, a condition known as sarcopenia. This can start in our 30s and progresses more rapidly after 50. Sarcopenia leads to loss of strength, mobility issues, and increased risk of injuries from falls.

Causes of sarcopenia include:

Symptoms of decreased muscle mass:

You can fight sarcopenia through strength training and ensuring adequate protein intake. Experts recommend:

As we age, getting hormones tested is also crucial - low testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone underlie muscle loss. I highly recommend getting tested at Balanced Hormones Center if this resonates. Their caring doctors create customized treatment plans to help patients regain strength, vitality and quality of life. Convenient online and in-person consultations.

Building muscle at any age IS possible! With a smart strength routine, proper protein intake and nutritional support, OUT bodies can continue building and maintaining muscle mass well into older age. Don't accept weakness as inevitable. Take control of your fitness and nutrition today!

I'm happy to elaborate on any part of this answer. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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